Aidium Release Notes

Here, you will find detailed information on the latest updates, enhancements, and fixes for all Aidium products. Each release note is carefully crafted to provide you with a clear understanding of our new features, improvements, and any known issues. Our goal is to ensure that you can take full advantage of every innovation and refinement. Keep this page bookmarked to stay informed about the latest advancements we're bringing to your Aidium experience.


New Features

Live Chat with Support

Do you ever have a question that you need answered right away?  We’re happy to introduce our in-app support chat.  Go to “Chat with Support” from your user menu.  Depending on your selection on the initial prompt, we will guide you to the right resource, or open up a live chat with someone from our support team to get you help right away!


New Features

Subscription Management (SMS and Email Opt-out)

Do your customers prefer Emails or Texts?  With our new Subscription Management feature, you can set communication preferences for all your contacts.  What’s more, these preferences will automatically be updated if a contact unsubscribes from emails or opts out of receiving texts.  Visit our Knowledge Base Article for details.

DMARC for Custom Email Domains

Enterprises using their own email domain can now set up DMARC (in addition to SPF and DKIM email authentication) to ensure their emails are being delivered and not marked as spam with the recent Gmail and Yahoo changes that became effective on February 1st.


New Features

“Browse Playbooks” Label

We have added a label to the folder icon used in Automations to open the Playbooks module.  Note: the label does not appear on mobile devices.

Domain Authorization Enabled for All Enterprises

The Domain Authorization feature, previously enabled only for select enterprises, is now available to all Admins/Owners.  See our KB article for more information.

Bug Fixes
Automations - Emails Not Sending

The issue that caused a failure of Automation emails (processing through SendGrid) to actually send, despite appearing in the activity log, has been resolved.

Automations - Continue Automation When  Delay Until Date Has Passed Due To Delayed Processing

Automations with a “Delay until Date” action were being stopped when the record was added to the automation before the delay date, but the Automation had not processed until after the delay date.  This has been resolved.


New Features

New Toast Design

We have updated our design for toast notifications.  Notifications now display at the top of the page, in the center, and have a countdown timer/bar.

Bug Fixes
Email Domain Fixes

The issues preventing custom domains from being used have been fully resolved.


New Features

Hide Completed Tasks in Dashboard

There’s something satisfying about watching a to-do item get taken off  your list.  Keeping that in mind, we’ve updated the task module in your Team Dashboard to hide any tasks marked as Done.

New Sorting for Tasks in Pipeline View

When it comes to knocking out our to-do list, we all organize and prioritize differently. Take advantage of the ability to sort tasks by due date in the Pipeline View.  Not sure if you completed something due today?  Tasks marked as Done are now sorted with the most recent due date at the top of the list by default.

Bug Fixes
Playbook Automations: “See Details” Error

The issue that caused an “unknown error” page to appear for some users when trying to view details of a playbook automation has been resolved.


New Features

Enterprise Controlled Custom Fields

Are you a CRM Admin?  We’re making it easy to keep custom fields consistent across all teams.  Using our Enterprise Automation Management (EAM) feature, you can now create custom fields that are automatically propagated to all teams on your enterprise.  These are locked in for teams, so no need to worry about a rouge member changing the configuration or deleting one.

Automations - Exit without Saving

Haven’t we all experienced the heartbreak of closing a file or hitting the back button by mistake, and losing the last 20 minutes of progress? To protect you, we’ve added a safeguard that prevents this. If there are any unsaved changes when you exit the Automation Builder, we’ll ask if you want to keep them.