The evolution of a brand.

A Mortgage CRM that is greater than the sum of its parts.

You may have noticed our new website. And logo. And company name. And entire new brand. You may be wondering: Is this still Daily AI? And the answer is – Yes and no. 2022 was a landmark year for our company. With the acquisition of Whiteboard CRM, new partnerships and expansions, we wanted to take the opportunity to seize the momentum of these disparate good fortunes and get a new haircut while we were at it. Daily AI is now Aidium.

Daily AI started in 2019 and immediately provided an industry-changing mortgage CRM platform. Its objective was to offer an intuitive user interface to simplify core tasks. An agile development philosophy allowed them to adapt new features quickly from customer feedback. They set out to become the most formidable mortgage CRM developer in the industry. Having relationships with other competitors in their space, a strategic acquisition with one of the most well-known platforms in the market was their goal.

Whiteboard Technology was founded in 2012 and built one of the most recognized CRM platforms for the mortgage industry. Whiteboard’s philosophy was less about widgets and app development but rather focused on the end user and how their software tools can increase valuable outcomes for their customers. Famous for their industry-leading mortgage playbooks, Whiteboard grew rapidly and was acquired by Daily AI in January of 2022.

Aidium piggybacks off the success of our predecessors but is greater than the sum of its parts. A 360° mindset and intentional forecasting development allow us to predict and preemptively resolve issues. This mindset went into the building of the newest version of our mortgage CRM; we’ve entirely reworked our platform for this new release and have built a truly game-changing product. Along with incorporating the best of both worlds from Whiteboard and Daily AI, our revolutionary new product is beautiful, powerful and utterly intuitive.

Here's everything you need to know.

Why are you doing this now?
The rebranding comes after months of research and analysis, which revealed that the new name better represents the company’s vision and goals but also reflects its focus on providing innovative solutions and exceptional customer service to the mortgage industry. Brands previously acquired by Daily Ai, including Whiteboard CRM and Recruitable, will also be part of the Aidium brand portfolio.
What negative (bad press) is really behind this rebranding?
None! This rebranding effort solely represents a strategic move to better align all our brands under one company with our mission to help mortgage companies succeed.”
What’s the significance of the bee logo?
Aidium, by definition, being a genus of insect gave inspiration for our bee. Bees are widely seen as benevolent insects (as opposed to wasps or yellow jackets). The collaborative, hive-like and industrious nature of bees is used here to draw an analogy between their work ethic and the way our technology functions. The automation aspect of our software (often referred to as AI or “magic”) is presented symbolically through the use of our bee icon as well as bee motifs throughout our brand.
Did Daily AI get acquired by another company?
No, on the contrary, Daily AI did the acquiring of Whiteboard CRM and Recruitable. Daily AI, now AIdium, is the parent company of our current suite of products and will continue to be as we grow.
Is this a partnership with another company?
Not at all. We’re the same team you’ve been working with this whole time! Just a new name, new colors and a significantly updated product, designed to streamline and automate mortgage loan origination processes.
What is the list of things I should anticipate changing in the near future - website, social profiles, invoices, name on credit card billing statements, etc.?
All those items will change but we’ll make it seamless for you. The Daily AI website will point to Aidium’s so even if it takes you a few weeks to get used to it, we’ll make it easy for you.  If at any time you have questions, reach out to our customer support team [email protected] and we will be happy to assist.  And don’t worry, if you email anyone with a email, we will still get it.
Are your offices moving?
Nope. We’re still headquartered in beautiful Boulder, CO  with another office in Oklahoma City, OK. Other team members are spread across the country!
Will my customers see anything different because of this?
Your customers will continue getting the same experience during this transition, however, your CRM interface will be updated with the new Aidium logo and branding. These changes will occur over the next couple of weeks but will not affect any functionality within the application.
How does this change the way I access your product and get in touch with you?
You will continue to access our product with the same URL you have always used to log in to your account and your usernames and passwords remain unchanged.   When you need to contact the team, we’re still available at the same phone number, email and addresses.
How does this affect my current rate and contract?
It doesn’t! The change of our name  in no way changes your contract.  But we know you may be very excited to learn more about our new product.  Our team will be in touch with more information soon about how you can upgrade to our new experience.
Why did you decide to build a new product? Why not invest in the current one?
We did! We’ve built on top of the version of Daily AI you’re currently using and made major improvements across the board. So while it is technically the same product, it’s also significantly improved with all- new capabilities.
Can I preview the new CRM? Can I get access to it? A trial period?
We know there is a lot of excitement with all the new information we have shared.  Soon we will share even more about how you can see a demo and what the next steps are.  Don’t worry, we cannot wait to get you an account!
Can I move over immediately?
We are excited you are excited, but it won’t be immediate.  Our team will be reaching out to you to discuss next steps with you in the coming weeks.  In the meantime, we will be educating you more about the product and the process.  We will keep you well informed until it’s time to move forward.
What is the difference between the two CRM‘s?
(Daily AI Customer) Right now, you do not have to move.  There are many new and amazing features that are exciting and that will greatly enhance your experience, but there are no immediate requirements for you to migrate over.  We will eventually sunset the Daily AI platform, but  will let you know as that gets closer.

(Whiteboard Customer) Yes, we will reach out in the coming days to discuss next steps with you so we can upgrade you to the Aidium experience.. The Whiteboard product is being sunsetted this spring. So, we will have a conversation with you soon to discuss the details and exactly what this means for you.
Can you provide a list of features or a comparison grid?
Yes! Please visit our Mortgage CRM dropdown in our main navigation to look at the product features we offer.
Are my current integrations and workflows supported?
Your current integrations are fully supported. The new version of our product is integrated with Encompass, Zapier and many others.
What about any custom fields or campaigns that I have made?
Custom fields will be available in the new product version by the end of Q1 of this year. Our customers will have the same level of customization and capabilities as in the old product version, allowing for seamless transition and familiarity. The first iteration of our powerful automation features will focus on lead conversion, anniversaries and holidays, and long-term nurturing. While most of the custom automations may require some adjustments, we are confident that they can be successfully recreated in the new version of the product with the same level of functionality and customization.
When will I be migrating to the new system?
Our Customer Success team will be working with each customer directly to share information on how the our migration process will work.  We will share with you the product differences, the benefits to your business,  what migration options are available, and we will work with you to schedule your organization’s upgrade.  So, stay tuned!
What does the new one do better than the old one?
While the look and feel will have some minor changes, the ability to automatically engage customers through automations, view transactions and contacts in a pipeline view, manage user roles and permissions, createing custom roles and permissions, searching for contacts, and much more, will be a few of the things that sets this version apart from the previous one. We’ve listened to your feedback and we’re very excited to show you the improvements we’ve made in order to help you close more business.
What is missing in the new one that is available in the old one?
Since we’ve reimagined everything from the ground-up, the majority of  features you’re using on a daily basis will be available at the time of launch. Others, such as ringless voicemail and MMS will be phased back in over time with even more functionality and an interface update for ease of use. All of the existing integrations will be ported over and with the system, we’ll be quickly adding more and more integrations as the year goes on. I’d be happy to set time with  a product manager to discuss any integrations in particular you’d like to see added to the roadmap, or if you have suggestions of what you’d like to see in the updated version.
Can I have accounts in both products at the same time?
While we understand that some of our existing customers may need to use both the new and old CRM systems during the transition period, we highly recommend against maintaining duplicate accounts in both systems. This could lead to duplicate automations and communications being sent to clients, which may cause confusion and frustration. We encourage our customers to fully transition to the new CRM system as soon as possible, and our support team is available to assist with any questions or concerns during this process.
Is the pricing changing?
Our  Customer Success team will be working with each customer directly to share information on how the migration process will work.  We will share with you the product differences, the benefits to your business, and what migration options are available.  We will take a look at your existing contract and specifically map out your renewal and what changes, if any, will occur as you upgrade to our newest version.
Will you stop adding features and fixing issues in the old one?
Yes, at some point in the future.  We will eventually be sunsetting the previous version to focus all of our efforts on the new version. Our goal is to make this the  most effective, comprehensive mortgage CRM available and we will not stop working to improve it.
When will you shut down the old one?
We don’t yet have a timeline for this.  We are focused currently on providing the best possible customer experience and platform for all of you.  When we get closer to the end of life of the Daily AI platform, we will inform you.  But we very much anticipate our users will be excited about moving to the upgraded version and will opt into the new experience long before that happens.
Will there be a mobile app and/or support for mobile devices?
While working on the Aidium CRM web application, we dedicated extensive resources to create a seamless and improved mobile experience so our customers can use our CRM application on any mobile device. However, we have plans to introduce a companion mobile app soon. The app will enable customers to effortlessly view, capture, and update contact and transaction information, and quickly find contact notes, tasks, and text messages, all in one place.
What is the best way to stay up to date on the progress of the new product?
Stay tuned for emails coming from our marketing team and check out  There you will find all the latest along with links to our social media pages!
What happens to Whiteboard customers now?
While we understand that some of our customers are still using Whiteboard, our current efforts and resources are focused on improving the Aidium CRM. We want to ensure that our customers have access to the most up-to-date features and functionality. While Whiteboard customers don’t have to make immediate changes, we will engage with them soon  to discuss transitioning to the new CRM experience as we will be sunsetting the Whiteboard platform. Our team will  work with them to get upgraded to our newest experience where they will recognize the features they know and love from Whiteboard that inspired much of Aidium.