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All-in-One Solution

Marketing automations and reporting in one centralized platform

Time Empowerment

Let automations reclaim your time and start spending it where it really matters

Lead Management

Track, nurture, and convert leads into happy clients

Supercharge your mortgage business with our email and SMS automations, pre-built playbook automations, LOS integrations, referral partner reports and more.

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"I really like how the milestones, tasks, and campaigns connect so I don't ever have to worry about losing a lead unless I want to."

Jared Plonski

Sales Manager, Movement Mortgage

"Aidium’s enterprise solution provides everything needed in a CRM: capability, flexibility and visibility.  The ability to set up workflows for all Loan Officers while allowing Top Producers to build custom content allows us to coach, train, and help Loan Officers do more business or make the business they have easier."

Ian Kimball

Executive Director of Strategy, Service First Mortgage

"There hasn’t been another CRM that I’ve seen in the industry that allows you to build your workflow from lead, to close, to nurture after close, like Aidium. The customization and capabilities of the system allows you to create your system the way you want!"

Jimmy White

Branch Manager, LeaderOne

The best mortgage CRM for a loan officer in one dashboard

Mortgage Lead Conversion

Supercharge your loan origination process with Aidium's lead conversion software. As one of the most advanced mortgage lead management systems, it's designed to streamline your lead flow, nurture prospects, and turn more leads into successful mortgage deals. Our mortgage lead software ensures that you never miss a lead again.

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Mortgage Automation

Aidium's Mortgage CRM automation is a game-changer for CRM for mortgage brokers. This tool streamlines your processes, improves client relationships, and enhances lead conversion rates through intelligent workflows and a data-driven strategy. Whether you're a mortgage lender or a mortgage broker, our CRM mortgage system is designed for you.

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Mortgage Marketing

Aidium's mortgage marketing software includes a comprehensive suite of tools that maximize lead generation and improve client engagement. Our best-in-class solutions boost conversion rates, growing your loan portfolio, making us the best CRM for mortgage lenders and brokers alike.

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Out-of-the-Box Content

Aidium empowers loan officers by automating the creation of customized, compelling, and compliant marketing materials. Our mortgage broker CRM software resonates with your audience and produces quality leads, making it the best mortgage broker software for content creation.

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Mortgage Referrals

Aidium is a powerful tool for streamlining the loan officer referral process, known as one of the best CRM for mortgage brokers. It incentivizes and engages referral sources, ultimately increasing your pipeline with high-quality leads.

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Enterprise Management

Our CRM for mortgage brokers enables everyone on your team to see your pipeline and follow up where needed. Have multiple team members reaching out to prospects? Now see all of their activity in one easy-to-use place with our CRM software for mortgage brokers.

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Reporting & Unified Data

Transform the way you understand your mortgage business with Aidium's comprehensive reporting capabilities. Our dynamic dashboards and in-depth reports provide you with the intelligence you need to make data-driven decisions that enhance your services and propel your business forward.

Unify disparate data sources and unlock business analysis like never before with data warehousing.

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Your business depends on your CRM running seamlessly.

That’s why we make moving to Aidium a breeze. 

  • Best-in-Class Customer Support. We’ll let our customers speak to that. Just look to our Google Reviews to see glowing reviews of our support team.
  • Industry-Leading Implementation Times. Average implementation time is just 30 days, and can be as short as 5 days. Your dedicated implementation manager will be with you every step of the way.
  • Worth the move. Sure to boost your ROI with highly customizable and easy-to-use automations, combined with superior reporting.

Integrate your existing workflows

We’ve got you covered: our modern API integrates with 500+ applications. Aidium has native integrations with Encompass, Ncino Mortgage (formerly SimpleNexus) and Zapier.

Got questions? We've got answers.

Let's address your questions and curiosities about our mortgage software and what it could do for you - as well as any concerns you might have around mortgage CRMs and how they could grow your lending business.

Is it easy to switch to Aidium?
Switching CRM’s can seem like a daunting task, but at Aidium it’s about as easy as can bee. With our industry leading implementation and dedicated support teams, our customers can easily onboard and go live without any hassle. Your personal onboarding team handles all the hard work, and will walk you through any questions you have while getting you and your team set up. We’re no All-State, but trust us - you’re in good hands.
Will Aidium work for my brokerage's size?
Aidium’s CRM Platform was intentionally designed to work with teams of all sizes, without delay. Our platform is great for both the large enterprise, and the individual broker - with functionalities specific to each persona, you’ll never have to sacrifice on features.
Do you guys have reliable customer support?
Do pigeons fly? Our recently revamped support team has been praised online for their fast response times, helpfulness, and advanced product knowledge. With 24/7 support coming soon, you’ll never be left hanging - that’s our guarantee.
What's the pricing model look like?
Aidium’s best value is the annual commitment at $1399 per user per year with a $299 setup, or $139 per user per month and a $299 setup. Connect with Aidium now to view our innovative mortgage CRM features or request a demo.
Does Aidium work with my other LO tools?
We’ve got you covered; Native integrations include Encompass, Ncino Mortgage (formerly SimpleNexus), MeridianLink and Zapier. Plus our modern API integrates with over 500+ applications, so you can easily plug-and-play with your essential tools.

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Our mortgage CRM software is more than a tool—it's the ultimate mortgage CRM system that redefines the way you manage your mortgage operations. With modern cloud hosting that adapts to any device, Aidium offers unrivaled accessibility, functionality, and security as the best mortgage CRM software.

Connect, collaborate, and conquer your mortgage goals with Aidium – anytime, anywhere, on any device. This is the future of CRM for mortgage lenders, mortgage sales tools, and mortgage CRM for loan officers.