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Automate your campaigns, control branding, oversee communications, and get comprehensive marketing analytics. Do it all on one CRM that is powerful, yet simple enough to satisfy all your producers.

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Aidium features that Heads of Marketing love

Manage roles and permissions

Decide which users can text, which users can create, edit, enable or disable automations, and more.

Segment contacts for campaigns

Allow your teams to create team-specific tags for contacts, and use those tags to create audience segments and run

Marketing tools for all levels

Those looking for effective, pre-built campaigns can choose from our 60+ automation playbooks. Those wanting to fully customize their marketing can do easily (when granted permission).

Pre-built marketing automations

No need to start from scratch—choose from a wide array of email and text content that's already written and designed.

Create custom automations for your company

Use our easy, no-code automation builder to build custom marketing automations that you can share, or directly turn on, for any users.

Custom fields made easy

Customizing your messages is easy—create custom data fields in seconds, then use them to trigger automations or include data in messages.

Level up marketing for the entire business

With most mortgage CRMs, you have to choose between a platform that works well for beginner or advanced CRM users. Not anymore. Aidium is designed for every level of user and helps everyone level up.

Want help getting started?

Quickly deploy content that's ready to run.

Heads of Marketing can choose from  60+ pre-built automation playbooks that support marketing efforts from lead to post-close nurture. Simply choose a pre-built automation playbook and make it available or directly turn it on for any users you choose.

Learn more about automation playbooks.

Ready to level up your business's automations?

Build a repository of custom automations, and let your LO's choose which ones to use. Empower your team to choose from pre-built campaigns that you create. Use our library of content as a starting point, and edit/customize the workflows as you desire. Then push these custom automations to your business and let them choose from a selection of automations that you control.

Want to allow Top Producers to create their own custom automations?

You got it. Allow users that you choose to craft their own custom automations tailored to their team. Our simple, no-code automation builder was designed just for mortgage professionals. They'll be able to create custom fields themselves in seconds and use our builder to create exactly what they want.

Pre-built content designed for mortgage professionals

Aidium's automation playbooks are more than just ready-to-run campaigns — they're a library of messaging that works. With scores of pre-created marketing campaigns for every stage of the process, create compelling and conversion-driven marketing in a snap.


Lead Conversion

Generate and follow-ups with new leads, then guide them toward an submitting an application.



Send timely milestone updates to all stakeholders, resource your clients as they house hunt and navigate the loan origination process.


Repeat Business

Cultivate ongoing relationships to discover new opportunities, earn referrals and welcome returning clients.

Integrate with other marketing tools

By connecting Aidium with other software tools you use, you can supercharge your marketing efforts. Our modern API connects with 100+ common tools you may use.


Never lose track of a Zillow lead again. Automate your Zillow lead follow ups.


Supercharge your lead management. Sync every new lead to Aidium, ensuring you never miss an opportunity to connect and convert.


Bring abandoned loan applications back to life. Send automated follow ups when a loan has been abandoned.

Leave your confusing CRM behind

Legacy CRMs are holding mortgage businesses back.

Aidium is a Modern Mortgage CRM and Reporting Suite that has tools for everyone—from LOAs to mortgage executives. Learn more about switching from other CRMs below. It's time to close more loans.

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We take care of marketing compliance for you

Compliance is a headache.

As new regulations roll out, we update our platform proactively to stay ahead of the game. We take care of compliance so you don't have to.

    Aidium is:

    • SOC 2 Type 2 Compliant
    • Quick and easy A2P10DLC registration in-app
    • Controls and permissions so you can manage and oversee marketing easily

    Still have questions? We're here to help.

    What is mortgage crm software?
    A mortgage CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is specialized software designed specifically for the needs of those in the mortgage industry. At its core, a mortgage CRM system is a mortgage lead management system that helps organize, track, and nurture leads, from potential clients to existing ones. CRM mortgage software offers tools tailored for mortgage lenders, brokers and loan officers to streamline their sales and marketing efforts.

    Having the best mortgage CRM can be a game-changer. Mortgage marketing software integrated within these CRM systems empowers professionals to automate marketing campaigns, keeping clients informed and engaged. With CRM solutions, tasks like sending out quotes, planning, and tracking leads become much simpler and more efficient.

    CRM mortgage broker systems often come with features like mortgage lead software that helps in the management and tracking of potential clients. The database software within the CRM helps organize client data efficiently.

    For those on a budget or just starting, there are free CRMs for mortgage brokers and free lead management softwares available. However, as your business grows, you might consider moving to the more costly and capable CRM solutions to harness advanced features.

    Moreover, the mortgage marketing features in a CRM platform provides tools for targeted marketing campaigns, making them essential mortgage sales tools. These platforms are designed to optimize your marketing efforts to gain more qualified leads and referrals.

    In summary, when someone asks, "What is mortgage CRM?", think of it as a comprehensive mortgage lead management software. It's the perfect fusion of broker software systems, mortgage sales CRM, and marketing software that enables mortgage professionals to offer their best service efficiently.

    Whether you're seeking the best mortgage marketing automation software  or simply a robust mortgage planner CRM, understanding the significance and functionality of a CRM platform is crucial in today's digital age.
    What is the best mortgage CRM?

    Choosing the best mortgage CRM depends on the unique needs and preferences of brokers, lenders and loan officers. While there are numerous mortgage CRM solutions available, Aidium stands out as a leading option. As a full-suite mortgage CRM software, Aidium offers intelligent automation, which encompasses everything a loan officer may need in one dashboard.

    Navigating the vast landscape of Mortgage CRM software can be challenging, especially with so many competent providers out there. These platforms vary in functionality, cost, user experience, customer support, and other crucial features. Therefore, before zeroing in on a provider, it's paramount to weigh your options, ensuring you select a system tailored to the unique demands of your operations.

    In the mortgage industry, the choice of CRM is pivotal. It’s typical for companies to compare CRMs based on their features, pricing, security, and user-friendliness, usually assessed during a free trial - a common offering across major providers. Highlighted below are three central categories of Mortgage CRM solutions frequently considered: Traditional Mortgage CRM Providers, Contemporary Mortgage CRM Providers, and Collaborative CRM Tools. Dive into the comparison of these solutions, focusing on pricing, security, user experience, and distinct features.

    Traditional Mortgage CRM Providers

    • Total Expert
    • Jungo
    • SureFire

    Generally, traditional Mortgage CRM systems encompass the likes of Total Expert, Jungo, and SureFire. These providers have made their mark in the mortgage landscape over the years, offering feature-rich platforms primarily tailored for mortgage businesses. While they support vast data inputs and offer impressive storage capabilities, their pricing often skews towards the higher end. Rooted deeply in the mortgage industry's history, their pricing models mirror their legacy, sometimes charging extra for additional users or more advanced features. Though packed with features, some users might find traditional CRM platforms a tad more complex, especially given their comprehensive set of functionalities.

    Contemporary Mortgage CRM Solutions

    • Aidium
    • MortgageHub
    • LoanMaster

    Over the past decade or so, modern Mortgage CRM platforms like Aidium, MortgageHub, and LoanMaster have risen to the fore. These platforms are characteristically user-friendly, easy to deploy, and comparatively pocket-friendly. Even though pricing may vary, contemporary solutions are generally more cost-effective than their traditional counterparts. They aren’t just about the price; their robust security features, which include state-of-the-art encryption and multi-tier authentication, are commendable. Each platform has its nuances, but overall, they prioritize security, cost-effectiveness, and a user-friendly interface.

    Collaborative CRM & Communication Tools

    • MortgageChat
    • DocShare
    • LoanConnect

    It's crucial to understand that these platforms, while sharing certain CRM characteristics, are not purely Mortgage CRM solutions. Their primary distinction lies in their collaborative nature. While on the face of it, they might seem akin to full-fledged CRM platforms, their primary focus is facilitating collaboration. Examples include MortgageChat, DocShare, and LoanConnect. Used by a plethora of individuals and businesses, they foster seamless document sharing and collaboration.

    While these collaborative tools boast swift setup and affordability, their Achilles' heel often lies in security. They might not offer the rigorous security measures associated with specialized Mortgage CRM platforms. However, their free versions can be apt for specific scenarios. Still, for mortgage professionals dealing with sensitive, confidential data, relying solely on these tools might not be the wisest course. Their setups might lack the granular permission settings, thorough auditing features, watermarking, and other advanced security functionalities inherent in dedicated Mortgage CRM solutions. And while they excel for casual document sharing, they may not leave the professional impression a mortgage professional would want, especially when aiming to close deals or secure funds.

    In summation, the choice of Mortgage CRM, be it Total Expert, Aidium, or MortgageChat, depends largely on the unique requirements and preferences of the mortgage business. It's not just about the features but also the trust, reliability, and professionalism they instill.
    What is the value of a mortgage CRM?
    In the vast landscape of the mortgage industry, technological evolution is the driving force behind a new era of efficiency and customer relationships. At the forefront of this revolution is Mortgage CRM Software. So, what is this software all about, and how is it redefining the way professionals in the mortgage world operate? Dive deep into this comprehensive guide and unravel the multifaceted world of Mortgage CRM.

    6 Key Features of a Mortgage CRM

    1. Mortgage Lead Management

    A CRM is incomplete without a system that effectively captures, tracks, and nurtures leads. It should be capable of automatically sourcing leads from various channels, categorizing them based on their potential, and allocating them to the relevant teams.

    2. Marketing Automation

    With an abundance of leads, personalized communication becomes a challenge. Here, marketing automation steps in. From sending out tailored emails to specific segments to automating social media posts, a CRM should offer it all.

    3. Referral Management

    Referrals are gold in the mortgage world. A sound CRM system facilitates tracking these referrals, ensuring that each one is acknowledged and acted upon.

    4. Integration Capabilities

    Integration with other tools and platforms, like Aidium's direct integration with SimpleNexus, can enhance a CRM's efficiency manifold. This integration should be seamless, ensuring data flow without any glitches.

    5. Reporting & Analytics

    A mortgage CRM must provide comprehensive reports and analytics. This includes insights into lead conversion rates, client engagement levels, campaign effectiveness, and more. These data-driven insights can guide future strategies.

    6. Referral Management

    The mortgage industry is heavily regulated. A good CRM will have built-in compliance checks and reminders to ensure that all communications and transactions adhere to the necessary guidelines and regulations.

    Why use a mortgage CRM?

    Mortgage CRM software provides businesses a platform to seamlessly organize, track, and nurture potential clients, rendering old manual methods and basic contact management systems obsolete. With Mortgage CRM, the entire loan origination process, from lead capture to successful closures, is conducted more efficiently, regardless of geographical constraints.

    In the mortgage industry, the CRM software is gradually becoming the gold standard, phasing out rudimentary contact management techniques. Traditional methods had their flaws, often proving laborious and lacking in streamlined client engagement. However, with the dawn of sophisticated digital tools and paramount data security measures, these outdated systems have met their match. Enter Mortgage CRM platforms like Aidium. They ensure not only that mortgage professionals can securely manage client relationships but also optimize their operations, irrespective of their location.

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    Our mortgage CRM software is more than a tool—it's the ultimate mortgage CRM system that redefines the way you manage your mortgage operations. With modern cloud hosting that adapts to any device, Aidium offers unrivaled accessibility, functionality, and security as the best mortgage CRM software.

    Connect, collaborate, and conquer your mortgage goals with Aidium – anytime, anywhere, on any device. This is the future of CRM for mortgage lenders, mortgage sales tools, and mortgage CRM for loan officers.