Mortgage Marketing

Mortgage marketing software for loan officers

Are you wanting to maximize your outreach process and close more deals? Aidium is designed specifically with intelligent automation to accompany savvy loan officers automate your marketing funnel.

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Level up your marketing game with Aidium's automation

In this incredibly fast-paced mortgage industry, efficiency is paramount. Our platform streamlines your marketing processes, from lead generation to deal closing. Focus on building strong relationships and delivering top-notch service to your clients and cut out the inefficient manual marketing techniques.

Customer Engagement Management

Manage your client interactions and data effectively and efficiently. Our CRM tool provides a multi-degree view of every single lead in your pipeline, enabling you to make more informed marketing decisions.

Automated Campaigns

Dramatically simplify your marketing process with intelligent automation of menial tasks. Engage your prospects with personalized messaging, and convert leads into clients seamlessly.

Sales Enablement

Optimize your sales process by equipping your team with the right tools and insights from Aidium's data platform to close deals that are ideal fits and drive actual revenue.


Navigate the complex mortgage regulatory environment with ease. Our built-in compliance management ensures your marketing efforts adhere to all relevant legal confines.

Why choose Aidium?

Choosing a loan officer software has a lot of implications - we understand. But to ease the process of adoption, we've made it dead simple to make that process a breeze with features like...

Mortgage Lead Conversion

Supercharge your loan origination process with Aidium's lead conversion software, designed to streamline your lead flow, nurture prospects, and turn more leads into successful mortgage deals.

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Mortgage Automation

Aidium's Mortgage CRM automation streamlines your processes, improves client relationships, and improves lead conversion rates through intelligent workflows and data-driven strategy.

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Out-of-the-Box Content

Aidium empowers loan officers by automating the creation of customized, compelling, and compliant marketing materials that resonate with your audience and produce quality leads.

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Mortgage Referrals

Aidium is a powerful tool for streamlining the loan officer referral process, incentivizing and engaging referral sources, and ultimately increasing your pipeline with high-quality leads.

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Enterprise Management

Everyone on your team can see your pipeline and follow up where needed. Have multiple team members reaching out to prospects? Now see all of their activity in one easy-to-use place.

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Integrate with your favorite apps

Seamlessly integrate with your existing CRM system or suite of loan officer tools using our Zapier API integration. Keep track of all your client communications in one dashboard and create a unified client profile.

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"I really like how the milestones, tasks, and campaigns connect so I don't ever have to worry about losing a lead unless I want to."

Jared Plonski

Sales Manager, Movement Mortgage

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Use Aidium on any device in any location

Our mortgage CRM software is more than a tool—it's a complete solution that redefines the way you manage your mortgage operations. Thanks to modern cloud hosting that adapts to any device, Aidium offers unrivaled accessibility, functionality, and security.

Connect, collaborate, and conquer your mortgage goals – anytime, anywhere, on any device. This is the future of mortgage CRMs for loan officers.