Mortgage Playbooks

Grow your loan conversion rates with turnkey marketing content

We've designed a unique solution to automate and simplify your mortgage promotional material content creation. With an array of custom templates and presets, crafting engaging and persuasive marketing content is dead simple.

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Mortgage marketing materials don't require an expert

Out-of-the-Box Content is more than a content generation tool - it's a suite of playbooks that provably work. With scores of built-in templates and presets available, creating compelling and conversion-driven marketing content is a breeze.


Lead Conversion

Effortlessly connect with clients, answer questions and continually guide them toward preapproval.



Resource your clients as they house hunt and move through the loan origination process.


Repeat Business

Cultivate ongoing relationships to discover new opportunities, earn referrals and welcome returning clients.


Lead Conversion

Designed to awaken cold leads, energize referrals, and engage detached customers, this playbook is your first step towards transforming inquiries and connections into successful deals. Turn your potential into progress with automated campaigns designed to ensure no one gets left behind or forgotten.
Cold Lead
Regardless of how a new client comes into your fold – be it through real estate agents, builders, or online channels – our Lead Conversion Playbook is the tool you need for deeper engagement and advancing leads through the homebuying process.
Campaigns Include ⬇
  • Internet Leads
  • Referral Leads
  • Cold Outbound
  • New Construction
  • Jumbo Loans
  • Short-Term Lead Nature
  • Long-Term Lead Nature
  • Tips to Save for a Down Payment
  • Monthly Newsletter
Push to Application
Bridge the gap between doubt and decision in the home loan process. When the client is struggling with uncertainty, this playbook is designed to inform, reassure, and encourage clients towards preapproval.
Campaigns Include ⬇
  • Loan Application
  • Pre-Approval
  • First Time Homebuyer (Urban)
  • First Time Homebuyer (Queer)
  • Simple Nexus Abandoned Application
  • Long-Term Lead Nurture
Client Retention
Transform waiting into proactive progress with this playbook, equipping clients with essential tools to enhance their financial standing and insights into the long-term value of home equity.
Campaigns Include ⬇
  • Credit Repair
  • Long-Term Lead Nurture


Packed with essential guides, tools for continually engaging the borrower, and clear updates to all parties involved with the transaction through every stage of the loan process, this playbook ensures a swift, seamless, and confident path from preapproval to closing.
Home Buying Guides
Empower your clients with our comprehensive home buying guides, designed to demystify jargon, clarify the loan process and foster informed decisions to create confidence in their home buying journey.
Campaigns Include ⬇
  • VA Homebuyer
  • High-Touch
  • Homebuyer
Buying Retention
Re-engage clients at critical junctures, whether they've gone silent, shifted paths, or withdrawn, in order to help them find their way to where they need to be.
Campaigns Include ⬇
  • House Hunting
  • Long-Term Drop-Off
  • Tips & Tricks to Homebuying
  • Do's & Don'ts
  • Other Lender Chosen
  • Went Dark Campaign
  • Lost Lead
  • Application Withdrawn
Loan Origination Walkthrough
Our playbook brings clarity to every step of the loan process, from underwriting to closing, fostering effective communication and a smoother, more satisfying experience for everyone involved.
Campaigns Include ⬇
  • Disclosures Received
  • Submitted to Processing
  • Submitted to UW (Refi)
  • Submitted to UW (Purchase)
  • Conditionally Approved
  • Docs Signed (Purchase)
  • Docs to Closing
  • Post-Close Nurture

Repeat Business

Designed to nurture ongoing relationships with clients and partners, this playbook not only fosters repeat business but also creates new opportunities by assisting clients in leveraging home equity and cultivating valuable referrals.
Client Nurture
Keep the conversation going with previous clients, building loyalty and trust for when they're ready to make new home decisions.
Campaigns Include ⬇
  • Time to Refinance
  • Refinance Campaign
  • Vacation Home
  • Investment Property
Opportunity Creation
New possibilities are everywhere, this playbook is designed to help you find them. Whether it's providing timely refinancing advice or smart home equity strategies, you can help clients stay informed and moving forward on their home journey.
Campaigns Include ⬇
  • Renovation Loans
  • Relocation
  • Moving
  • Downsizing
  • Divorce
  • Change of Life
  • Holidays
  • Newsletters
  • Birthdays & Loan Anniversaries
Partner Engagement
Cultivate robust relationships with industry partners, ensuring a steady flow of referrals and new business.
Campaigns Include ⬇
  • Realtor Newsletters
  • Building Business With Partners
  • Weekend Insights
  • Weekly Realtor Reviews
  • Realtor Re-Engagement
  • New Business Partners

Why choose Aidium?

Choosing a loan officer software has a lot of implications - we understand. But to ease the process of adoption, we've made it dead simple to make that process a breeze with features like...

Mortgage Lead Conversion

Supercharge your loan origination process with Aidium's lead conversion software, designed to streamline your lead flow, nurture prospects, and turn more leads into successful mortgage deals.

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Mortgage Marketing

Aidium's marketing software includes a comprehensive suite of tools that maximize lead generation and improve client engagement - boosting conversion rates and growing your loan portfolio.

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Mortgage Automation

Aidium's Mortgage CRM automation streamlines your processes, improves client relationships, and improves lead conversion rates through intelligent workflows and data-driven strategy.

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Mortgage Referrals

Aidium is a powerful tool for streamlining the loan officer referral process, incentivizing and engaging referral sources, and ultimately increasing your pipeline with high-quality leads.

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Enterprise Management

Everyone on your team can see your pipeline and follow up where needed. Have multiple team members reaching out to prospects? Now see all of their activity in one easy-to-use place.

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Integrate with your favorite apps

Seamlessly integrate with your existing CRM for mortgage or suite of loan officer tools using our Zapier API integration. Whether you need a free mortgage CRM or mortgage database software, Aidium has you covered.

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Aidium and SimpleNexus synergize to revolutionize your mortgage experience. Harness the power of combined innovation for streamlined operations, enhanced engagement, and next-level closings.

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"I really like how the milestones, tasks, and campaigns connect so I don't ever have to worry about losing a lead unless I want to."

Jared Plonski

Sales Manager, Movement Mortgage

"Aidium’s enterprise solution provides everything needed in a CRM: capability, flexibility and visibility.  The ability to set up workflows for all Loan Officers while allowing Top Producers to build custom content allows us to coach, train, and help Loan Officers do more business or make the business they have easier."

Ian Kimball

Executive Director of Strategy, Service First Mortgage

"There hasn’t been another CRM that I’ve seen in the industry that allows you to build your workflow from lead, to close, to nurture after close, like Aidium. The customization and capabilities of the system allows you to create your system the way you want!"

Jimmy White

Branch Manager, LeaderOne

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