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We have spent years building data sets, recruitment automations, and custom outbound campaigns specifically designed to target the best candidates in your market. With your designated success team to build and deploy custom recruiting campaigns, Aidium Recruiter makes staffing your lending organization easy.

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We utilize an arsenal of tools to help recruit only the best

We use our proprietary recruiting platform and cutting edge market data to build your network and recruit nothing but the best mortgage professionals for your team.

Smart Targeting

By leveraging cutting edge industry data and our proprietary recruiting platform, Aidium Recruiter enables you to identify and target loan officers with your ideal qualifications.

Playbook Automations

Our custom playbooks automate your outbound activities, streamlining the recruitment process and delivering talent right to your inbox. We handle the legwork, so you can focus on doing what you do best - Closing Deals!

AI Suggestions

Quantify your recruitment efforts and manage your recruiting team with our intuitive CRM. With everything centralized to one place, our platform makes it easy to grow your team!

Automate your data, scale your revenue

Data Aggregation

Convert your candidates into top producing LO’s for your team. Inbound leads should feel like magic!

Lead Scoring

Use our AI software to distinguish between regular Loan Officers and a $20 million dollar producer!

Mortgage CRM Integrations

Manage and monitor all your prospects in one place. With Aidium Mortgage CRM you’ll be able to track each lead and where they are throughout the pipeline.

Automated Outreach

Leverage outbound automation to grow your network and spark meaningful conversations. All with fancy AI detection!

Aidium Recruiter
Process Flow

Build Your Ideal Candidate Profile

Your designated success team works with you to craft an ICP, gathering all info about your dream candidate's qualifications.

Data-Driven Targeting

We compile a list of all LO's in your target area and cross-reference it with a mortgage database that tracks all NMLS transactions.

Launch Social Media Outreach

Our built-in automation software automatically connects and engages with our compiled list of LO's within your ICP.

Social Media Management

Your designated recruiter handles all social media campaign activity, allowing you to focus your resources elsewhere!

Integrate with Propietary CRM

Candidate data from LinkedIn seamlessly flows into our proprietary CRM, kicking off the next phase of outreach.

Multi-Channel Outreach

We deploy a well-spaced sequence of tailored emails, texts and calls to engage with prospective LO's.

Facilitate Interview Scheduling

Your recruiter arranges interviews, providing candidates with details and all necessary information.

Post-Interview Follow Up

We handle follow-ups with candidates to check in and schedule additional interviews as needed.

Offer-Made Assistance

Your success team can assist with crafting compelling offers, and follow up with candidates to ensure a seamless transisiton.

Post Hire Growth

We can help your Loan Officers expand their network with marketing campaigns and LinkedIn content, helping attract referrals and clients!

Foster Ongoing Engagement

We stay in contact with prospects, nurture relationships, and check in with previously scheduled LO's on your behalf.

Integrate with your favorite apps

Seamlessly integrate with your existing CRM for mortgage or suite of loan officer tools using our Zapier API integration. Whether you need a free mortgage CRM or mortgage database software, Aidium has you covered.

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Aidium and SimpleNexus synergize to revolutionize your mortgage experience. Harness the power of combined innovation for streamlined operations, enhanced engagement, and next-level closings.

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Check out our glowing reviews of Aidium

"I really like how the milestones, tasks, and campaigns connect so I don't ever have to worry about losing a lead unless I want to."

Jared Plonski

Sales Manager, Movement Mortgage

"Aidium’s enterprise solution provides everything needed in a CRM: capability, flexibility and visibility.  The ability to set up workflows for all Loan Officers while allowing Top Producers to build custom content allows us to coach, train, and help Loan Officers do more business or make the business they have easier."

Ian Kimball

Executive Director of Strategy, Service First Mortgage

"There hasn’t been another CRM that I’ve seen in the industry that allows you to build your workflow from lead, to close, to nurture after close, like Aidium. The customization and capabilities of the system allows you to create your system the way you want!"

Jimmy White

Branch Manager, LeaderOne

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Connect, collaborate, and conquer your mortgage goals with Aidium – anytime, anywhere, on any device. This is the future of CRM for mortgage lenders, mortgage sales tools, and mortgage CRM for loan officers.