Aidium Release Notes

Here, you will find detailed information on the latest updates, enhancements, and fixes for all Aidium products. Each release note is carefully crafted to provide you with a clear understanding of our new features, improvements, and any known issues. Our goal is to ensure that you can take full advantage of every innovation and refinement. Keep this page bookmarked to stay informed about the latest advancements we're bringing to your Aidium experience.

Release 2.52.1 - November 14th, 2023

New Features

New Release Notification

After a development release is deployed, a native module appears on the app.  Users will click Apply to refresh the page with the new updates applied.  This replaces the browser notification and only requires the user to click Apply once.

Bug Fixes

Select a Phone Number

The issue that prevented users from selecting a team CRM number has been resolved.

Release 2.51.0 - November 13th, 2023

New Features

Team Logo as a Merge Field

A new merge field has been created to insert the Team Logo.  The Team logo can be added in Team Settings > Profile.

Prevent Tags from Deletion when in Use by Automation

An error message will display when attempting to delete a tag that is in use by an automation

Enhanced Error Messages - Maximum Licenses Reached

When creating a new user, if the maximum number of licenses are already in use, an error message will display stating: “You have reached the maximum number of licenses. Please reach out to to increase your number of licenses available in the Aidium CRM.”

Bug Fixes

Allow CSV Dates to be in UTC Date/Time Format

Date fields in the format yyyy-mm-dd-Thh:mm:ss:mssZ can now be used in CSV uploads. Previously these values were invalid.

Release 2.51.0 - November 7th, 2023

New Features

Saved Filters - Transactions

Users can now save commonly used filters for transactions, just like they can for contacts.

Release 2.49.0 - November 6th, 2023

New Features

Filters - Range for Number Values

When applying a filter to a numerical value, users can now enter a range.

Team Profile UI Changes

Editing all fields in the Team Profile (including the logo) will now be done from an edit drawer, in order to be more consistent with the rest of the application.

Release 2.48.1 - November 2nd, 2023

New Features

Enterprise Automations Management

Enterprise Automations Management (EAM) has been released to all enterprises!  Enterprise Owners and Admins have the ability to access it.

Release 2.48.0 - November 2nd, 2023

New Features

Aidium API - Team’s Endpoint

A new endpoint was added to the API for getting team data for an enterprise.

Bug Fixes

Automations - Enrolling Existing Records When Copied

The issue that prevented records from being added to a copied automation when “Enroll Existing Records” was enabled and the Automation was enabled at the time it was copied has been resolved.

Release 2.47.0 - November 1st, 2023

New Features

Saved Filters - Contacts

Users can now save commonly used filters, saving them time and effort. Visit our Knowledge Base Article for details.

Automations - Contact Creation Method as a Condition

The contact creation method (i.e. Encompass, Manual) can now be used as an entry or exit condition in Automations.

Invite User - Step Tracker

When inviting a user, there is now a visual indicator to let the user know where they are in the process.

Release 2.46.0 - October 30th, 2023

Bug Fixes

Automation Filters

The automation filter tabs are now working as expected.

Performance Enhancements

Tasks Dashboard - Pagination

To reduce dashboard load times, we now paginate the tasks module.

Release 2.44.0 - October 23rd, 2023

New Features

Encompass - Full Partner Phone Mapping

We now map Cell and Work phones from Encompass for all Partner Contacts

  • Encompass Phone maps to Aidium Work Phone
  • Encompass Cell maps to Aidium Primary Mobile Phone
  • If no Encompass Cell is entered, we use Phone

Bug Fixes

Update Casing for Status and Tags

The issue that prevented the proper update of an existing status’s or tag’s casing has been resolved.

CSV Contact Imports without a First/Last Name

The regression issue that allowed contacts without a first or last name to be added to a team has been resolved.

Release 2.43.5 - October 19th, 2023

New Features

EAM - Create Task Action

Users can now create a task in an Enterprise Automation.

Bug Fixes

Automations - Using “Known” and “Not Known”

There is no longer an error that occurs when applying the condition or enabling the automation using the “Known” and “Not Known” condition operators.

Performance Enhancements

Rate Limiter (Automations)

Improved handling of adding a large number of records to an automation at the same time.

Release 2.43.4 - October 16th, 2023

New Features

Encompass - Map Borrower and Co-Borrower Home and Work Phones

We now map Cell, Home, and Work phones from Encompass for Borrowers and Co-Borrowers.

  • Encompass Home Phone maps to Aidium Home Phone
  • Encompass Work Phone maps to Aidium Work Phone
  • Encompass Cell maps to Aidium Primary Mobile Phone
  • If no Encompass Cell is entered, we use Home Phone
  • If neither Cell nor Home phone is entered, we use Work Phone

Custom Fields - Allow Decimals

Users can now enter a decimal value in custom fields that have the “number” field type.

Move Down Automation Behavior Card

To increase usability, we have moved the Automations behavior card below Entry Conditions, as this provides a more intuitive flow to the automation builder.

SimpleNexus - Email Validation

When a team member integrates with SimpleNexus we now check that the user exists on the configured SimpleNexus account.  This ensures users do not make mistakes when entering their account information in, making the integration more resilient.

Bug Fixes

CSV Upload Transactions on Behalf of Team Member

The regression bug that removed the ability to upload a transaction CSV on behalf of a team member has been resolved.

Automations - Display Correct Number of  Eligible Records

The bug that caused all records to display as eligible when using relative date filters in Automation Entry Conditions has been resolved.

Performance Enhancements

Transfer Contact

Speed improvements have been to the Transfer Contact feature.

Release 2.43.2 - October 13th, 2023

New Features

Automations - UI Updates

Some UI changes have been made to the Automations page.  Most notably, each section of the Automation Builder is now collapsible and the  “Trigger” section has been renamed to “Entry Conditions”.

Release 2.43.0 - October 11th, 2023

New Features

Edit Contact From Context Menu

Users can now edit a contact from the Context Menu on any page the menu exists.  This action is now “Edit” instead of “Update”.

Enterprise Automations - Select All Teams

Users can now easily select all teams to push down an Enterprise Automation to.

Bug Fixes

Creating a Transaction

The bug that prevented some users from creating a transaction has been resolved.

Automation Actions Copy in the Same Order

The bug that occasionally caused automation actions to be out of order for a copied automation has been resolved.

Duplicate Automation Communications

The bug that allowed duplicate automation actions to trigger when a relative date condition was used has been resolved.  This was the bug that allowed birthday automations to send multiple communications to contacts.

Performance Improvements

Load times, particularly on the Automations page, have been improved

*Deleting a Contact

The bug that prevented some contacts from being deleted has been resolved.

*Was released in 2.43.1 on October 11th

Release 2.42.0 - October 9th, 2023

New Features

Prevent Users from Deleting Statuses in Use

When a user attempts to delete a status assigned to a contact/transaction or the status is in use by an automation as a trigger or exit condition, an error toast notification describing why the status cannot be deleted.

Note: If the status is used only as an action for an automation, the status can still be deleted.  This will be prevented in a future release.

Bug Fixes

Simple Nexus - Case Insensitive Emails

Users are no longer required to enter a lower-case email for the SimpleNexus  integration to work properly.  Any upper case letters will be converted to lowercase upon adding the integration.

Release 2.41.0 - October 5th, 2023

New Features

Automations - Custom Fields in Triggers and Exit Conditions

Users can now use custom contact and transaction fields as conditions  in their respective automations.

Prevent Users from Deleting Custom Fields used in Automations

When a user attempts to delete a custom field in use by any automation (disabled or enabled) they will be prevented from doing so.  A list of all automations using the custom field will display and users can open the automation in a new tab to remove the custom field.  Note: users are not prevented from deleting a custom field if only the associated merge field is in use.

Bug Fixes

Enterprise Timezone Used as Default

The timezone of the Enterprise is now used the default timezone when creating new teams.

Release 2.40.0 - October 3rd, 2023

New Features

Export Transaction CSVs

Transaction CSVs can now be exported from the UI.  A link to download the file is sent to the user’s email containing all selected records in the manner displayed in the UI at the time of the export.

Bug Fixes

Allow Deletion of Transaction Field Data

An issue in which transaction field data could not be deleted from a transaction has been resolved.

Set Birthday to Team’s Timezone

An issue in which automations were firing at the wrong time for birthdays has been resolved.

Release 2.39.0 - October 2nd, 2023

Bug Fixes

Prevent Duplicate Automation Communications due to Retries

Duplicate automation communications have been sent due to a backend function processing the actions multiple times (retrying after an initial attempt).  We have disabled the retry functionality to prevent duplicate automation actions from processing, thus preventing duplicate communications from sending, while the root cause of the issue is being fixed.

Release 2.38.0 - September 28th, 2023

New Features

Enterprise Settings - 2FA

Two-Factor Authentication is now available.  Enterprise owners/admins will need to reach out to their CSM or Support to enable it for their enterprise.

Enterprise Settings - Timezone Moved

The Timezone card has been moved from Enterprise Profile  to Enterprise Settings.

Bug Fixes

Automations - Enrolling Existing Records Timeout Issue

The issue that caused a timeout error when enrolling a large number of existing records in an automation when enabling an automation has been resolved.

Release 2.36.5 - September 25th, 2023

New Features

Automations - Update Status

Users can now updated status via automations!  For contact-based automations, the Borrower or Co-Borrower Contact Status can be updated.  For transaction-based automations, The Transaction Status or the Contact Status of the Borrower or Co-Borrower can be updated.

MAXA Image Selector - Search Bar

We have made UI and backend changes to the MAXA image selector feature, including adding a search bar.  Users with dozens/hundreds of MAXA files can now quickly navigate to the desired file.

Bug Fixes

Editing Contact Notes 

The issue causing an error page to display when editing a contact’s notes has been resolved.

Bug Fixes

URL Validation for User Fields

The issue that prevented users from saving links with a long ending (such as “.mortgage”) has been resolved.

Release 2.36.2 - September 19th, 2023

Bug Fixes

SMS Texts Sent Outside of 8am-9pm Allowed Window

The issue causing text messages to send up to an hour after the allowed timeframe has been resolved.

Automation Timeout Issues

The issue causing timeouts when automations are processing has been resolved.

Contact Details Loading Speed

Improvements have been made to the app’s loading time, specifically for the Contact Details Page

Release 2.36.1 - September 14th, 2023

New Features

Automations - Do Not Enroll After [Date]

Users can now prevent contacts from being added to an automation after a specified date.  Note: A Trigger must exist in order to enable this Automation Behavior.

Release 2.35.1 - September 12th, 2023

New Features

Enterprise Settings - Timezone Card on Enterprise Profile

A new section of the Enterprise Profile has been added to set the Enterprise’s Timezone.

Bug Fixes

Contact Association Removed When Task is Edited

The bug removing an associated contact from  a task upon saving (editing  existing tasks) has been resolved.

Related Contact - No Options for  Referred By 

The bug causing no contacts to be available in the create contact drawer for the Referred By field has been resolved.

Playbook  Automations - Naming Convention not Followed When copying an Individual, Existing Automation Playbook

There was an issue when copying a single  Playbook Automation (vs. copying multiple at once) when there is an existing automation with the same name.  A suffix, (1), (2), etc. should be added.  This was not working as expected, and the copied automation could not be saved, as the name was not unique.  This has been resolved.

Release 2.35.0 - September 11th, 2023

New Features

Context Menu for All Contacts in Tables

The context menu (ellipsis) is now available for all contacts, including related contacts, on all pages with tables (Contacts, Transactions, and Tasks).

Automations - Related User Merge Fields for Transaction-based

Merge fields for related users on a transaction are now available.  Related Users include:

  • Assignee
  • Customer Success Manager
  • Loan Office Assistant
  • Loan Officer
  • Loan Processor

Enterprise Settings - Expanded Profile for A2P 10DLC Data

The Enterprise Settings Profile page has been updated.  All data required for initial A2P 10DLC registration can be entered in the Business Details and Point of Contact sections.

Note: This is currently data entry only (this does not trigger A2P 10DLC registration via the APIs).

Bug Fixes

Dashboard Task Widget - Drawer Opens

The bug causing the task drawer not to open when clicked in the Tasks widget on the Dashboard has been fixed.

Related Playbook Automations

The bug causing Related Playbook Automations to display incorrectly when viewing details of a Playbook Automation has been fixed.

Erroneous Prepopulated Fields - Create Transaction

The bug causing fields of a previously viewed/edited transaction to prepopulate when creating a new transaction has been fixed.

Release 2.34.0 - September 7th, 2023

New Features

Global Search Improvements & Hotkeys

Global Search is more user friendly, and can be opened when viewing any page with a Team ID in the URL (i.e. not enterprise settings) using hotkeys:  Ctrl + K (PC) or Cmd + K (Mac).

Playbook Automations - Hide Empty Automation Types

We now only display a type of Playbook Automation if at least one automation is available. 

Aidium API

Our first iteration of the Aidium API has been released for Beta Testing.  Endpoints have been created for Contacts and Transactions. Any requests for an API Key must be  submitted to the Product Team for approval. For now, we are limiting this to Enterprise clients.

Encompass - Loan Folder Whitelisting

The ability to restrict Encompass updates to specific folders (whitelisting) has been added.  This has been enabled for NEO’s Encompass Instance.  Any requests for whitelisting loan folders for an Encompass integration must be submitted to the Product Team for approval.

Bug Fixes

Emails - Keep line breaks when sending

We have resolved the issue that prevented line breaks from being reflected correctly  in outbound emails.

Automations Builder - Show Email Content

We have resolved the issue causing “no content” to display in the automations builder action step for emails.  This was occurring for automations installed from the playbook modal.

UI Improvement - Remove Double Line in Tasks (Pipeline View)

We have removed the extra/duplicate line spacer when a task had no associated contact or description

Default Contact Statuses for New Enterprises

We have fixed the bug that prevented default contact statuses,  "Prospect" and "Lead", from being created for New Enterprises added in Retool.

Release 2.33.0 - August 31st, 2023

New Features

Export Contacts to CSV

Users can now export a contact CSV.  The CSV includes all selected contacts and enabled columns at the time of the export.  An email is sent to the user.  Clicking the link in the email will download the CSV file.

2.32.0 - August 21, 2023

New Features

Playbook Automations with Tags

Tags are now being created on the team  when a team member creates an automation from a playbook that uses tags.

Tasks - Automatically Populate Status when Creating New from Kanban View

When clicking the + button in the Kanban view, the status is automatically set to match the column from which the + button was clicked.

Alphabetize Team List (Invite User)

When inviting a user to teams, the list now displays alphabetically

Bug Fixes

SimpleNexus Playbook

The error that displayed when viewing Automations with Type “Simple Nexus” has been fixed.

Reassigning Contacts

The error that prevented users from reassigning a contact has been fixed.

Unique Tags per Team

The bug that prevented tags from being properly created,  if one with the same name exists on another team on the enterprise, has been fixed

Update Status Name

The error that prevented users from updating a contact or transaction status name has been fixed.

Release 2.31.1 - August 14th, 2023

New Features

Team Settings Navigation Change

Team Settings no longer has a cascading menu.  Selecting Team Settings will open a new page with its own primary navigation  for all submenus.

MAXA - Scroll Bar in Email WYSIWYG

We have added a scroll bar to the MAXA Image Selector.  Users can now see more than their 12 most recently updated MAXA files.

Add Non-Contact Email Address in To Field of Email (Automations)

When sending an email in an Automation, in addition to selecting a contact, users can manually type in any email address in the To field.

Exit Conditions for Playbooks (DatoCMS)

We can now create out-of-the box Aidium Automations that include Exit Conditions.

Display Integrated User Details

Team members with Encompass and SimpleNexus integration will now display their integrated User ID (Encompass) or Email (SimpleNexus) to the right of their name on the Team Integrations page.

Bug Fixes

Removal of In-Sequence Call Forwarding

Due to technical issues, in-sequence call forwarding has been removed.  All numbers that previously had this configuration will now forward calls to all forwarding numbers simultaneously. See this Knowledge Base article for full details on how the forwarding numbers feature works.

Emails Not Sending from Automations

An issue in which emails were not properly sending from Automations has been resolved.

Release 2.31.0 - August 7th, 2023

New Features

Encompass - Partners Created/Updated with Contact Type = Partner

Partners created/updated via Encompass (related contacts who are not the Borrower or Co-Borrower on the loan) will have their Contact Type set to Partner.

Quick Actions in Transactions (Table)

Send an email/text, add a note, add a task, or be redirected to the contact details page for the associated contact in a transaction.

Enterprise Deletion (Retool)

We now have the ability to delete enterprises in Retool.  Enterprise Owner(s) will receive a confirmation email before the enterprise is deleted.

CC and BCC Recipients Receive the Same Email as To Recipient

Emails are now sent to all recipients instead of separate emails being sent to the CC and BCC recipients.

Bug Fixes

Zapier - Notes mapped with Page Breaks

The issue in which the contact details page would display an error for contacts created/updated via Zapier with multiple lines mapped in Notes has been resolved.

Issues Unlinking Related Contact

The issue in which a related contact could not be unlinked properly has been resolved.

Release 2.30.0 - August 2nd, 2023

New Features

Quick Actions in Tasks

Send an email/text, add a note, add an additional task, or be redirected to the contact details page for the associated contact in a task.

Zapier - Loan Officer and Transaction Assignee Set Automatically

When a Transaction is created via Zapier’s Transaction Action, we automatically set the Loan Officer and the Transaction Assignee to be the integrated user.

The current production version of Zapier is now 3.3.1

Engage Co-Borrowers in Contact-based Automations

Co-borrowers can now be the recipients of email and/or SMS actions in contact-based automations, just like Borrowers, Referrers, etc.

Preview Playbook Automations

When browsing the available automations in our Playbook, customers can preview the actions of the automation before copying it to their team.

Transaction Assignee Automation Default

All email actions in transaction-based automations are now by default set to be from the transaction assignee instead of the contact owner. This only applies to newly created automations.

SendGrid Email Replies Routed to User’s Email

When a contact replies to an email sent through SendGrid, we now route that to the user’s email address.

Prepopulate Primary Borrower When Creating Transaction

When creating a transaction from the contact details page, that contact is automatically added as the Primary Borrower.

Bug Fixes

Encompass - Update Existing Transactions with non-Encompass Creation Method

When we receive loan data from Encompass for an integrated user, if there is an existing transaction with a matching loan number, we will update it, regardless of the creation method for the transaction (i.e. CSV).

Invite Existing Users to a New Team

Fixes the issue that was preventing some existing users from being added to a new team successfully.

Unknown Error on Enterprise Users Page

Fixes the issue that was causing an Unknown Error to display when accessing the Users page in Enterprise Settings.

Release 2.29.0 - July 17th, 2023

New Features

SimpleNexus Integration*

We are now able to integrate with SimpleNexus.  When a loan application is abandoned or submitted, the contact is created/updated in Aidium and a tag is added:

  • SimpleNexus Application Abandoned
  • SimpleNexus Application Completed

* We are still finalizing our out-of-the-box Playbook Automation for Simple Nexus, and we will not be officially rolling this out to customers until that is completed.

A full walkthrough of the integration and how it works can be found in the support article found on the knowledge base.

MAXA - Access the Design Studio from Team Settings: Integrations

Users can access the MAXA design studio page from the Team Settings > Integrations page.  The design studio is now an overlay instead of a full page.  The previous “design-studio” URL will redirect the user to the integrations page.

User’s Name in Sendgrid Emails

Aidium emails ( now include the full name of the customer to improve email appearance in end-consumers’ inboxes.

Transactions - Upload on Behalf another Team Member

When uploading transactions via CSV  customers have the  option to choose with which team member to  associate the uploaded transactions.

CSV Uploader - Error rows sent to email

Whether it is a contact or transaction CSV upload, users will now receive an email containing the CSV of the records that were unable to be uploaded due to various errors.

CSV Uploader - statuses will now appear on the dashboard

Whether it is a contact or transaction CSV upload, users will now receive an email containing the CSV of the records that were unable to be uploaded due to various errors.

Bug Fixes

Better handling of timing for holiday automations

Actions will no longer be executed for newly created records that enter automations with “Delay until Day” actions in the past, i.e. a contact record created on July 15th will no longer receive the July 4th  email.

CSV Uploader - statuses now appear on the dashboard

Whether it is a contact or transaction CSV upload, these uploaded statuses will now appear on the dashboard.

Selecting options on mobile

Selecting options on mobile (e.g., from a large list) will now load and render properly.

Release 2.28.0 - July 3rd, 2023

New Features

Preferred Contact Relationships

We have added a “preferred” designation for related contacts.  When merge fields are used, they will pull data from the preferred related contact.

Bug Fixes

Update Transactions via CSV

Transactions can now be updated when using the CSV upload feature.

Release 2.27.0 - June 23rd, 2023

New Features

MAXA Drop-down in Email

Users can now select their MAXA creations within the email builder. It will load the most recently accessed files in MAXA from the user’s account.  Note: There is currently no way to resize an image that has been added.  This will be available in the future.

Zapier: Create Contact Enhancements

Additional Fields have been added to the Create Contact action in Zapier:

  • Birthday
  • Loan Anniversary
  • Employer
  • Job Title
  • Mailing Address (Line 1, Line 2, City, State, Zip)
  • Notes
  • Related Contacts (First/Last Name, Email, and Phone for each)
  • Co-Borrower
  • Referred By
  • Spouse/Domestic Partner
  • Business Partner

Zapier: Create Transaction Enhancements

Additional Fields have been added to the Create Transaction action in Zapier:

  • Borrower Birthday
  • Borrower Mailing Address (Line 1, Line 2, City, State, Zip)

Encompass: Application Date

Application Date is now brought over from Encompass loans.

Automations: Exit Conditions

Provides the ability to create rules that instruct automations on when a contact should no longer be a part of the automation's workflow and remove them before the automations completed the remaining actions. This functionality is particularly crucial for long-term automations.

Example: a lead engagement automation that consistently engages with leads over time, but once a lead responds back, there is no longer a business necessity to continue engaging them.

Speed Improvements

Communications Page

The communications page should be loading much more quickly now (less than 3 seconds). Upon subsequent openings of the page, it is substantially faster.

Expand List Loading Capabilities

There are a number of places in the app where we search an entire list of contacts or transactions. This fix greatly increases the speed in which these lists are loaded and now provides the ability to search on these fields, including:

  • Tasks
  • Transactions
  • Contact details page
  • Selecting a contact or transaction’s status

Bug Fixes

Date Fields: Off by 1 Day

The issue that caused dates mapped from 3rd party sources to populate 1 day before the actual value has been fixed.

Zapier: Date Fields

The issue which caused a Zap to fail upon updating certain date fields (i.e. application date) is resolved.

Zapier: Incomplete Related Contacts

Create Transaction Zaps will no longer fail because a related contact does not have all required fields.  The transaction and other related contacts will still be created/updated, but the related contact with invalid or incomplete data will not be.

Encompass: Incorrect Date Mapping

Incorrect field mapping has been fixed:

  • Estimated Closing Date (previously mapped from Borrower Estimated Closing Date)
  • Lock Date (previously used the loans creation date)

Encompass: Retry on Create/Update Failure

If we hit Encompass concurrency limits, causing a transaction not to be created or update, we now put it in a queue to retry later.

Unclickable Contacts from Encompass (missing First and Last Name) 

We have fixed the issue that allowed contacts to be created via Encompass without a First and Last Name (user could not access contact details pages for these contacts).  Contacts will not be created if their First and Last Name is missing.

2.21.0 - May 19th, 2023

New Features

Custom Fields - Both Contact and Transaction-based

With the help of custom fields, you can now customize the CRM to capture the most important data needed to convert more loans and save them time in the process.

We support both contact-based and transaction-based custom fields. Either one of these can have text, numeric or date-based fields - the possibilities for customization are virtually endless!

We also support using custom field values as merge fields in outgoing communications, so the messages sent can feel unique based on their specific preferences and style.

Custom fields are accessed under the Team Settings drawer and can be added with a few clicks - no need for reaching out to our support team or involving a developer.

Once there, users can add custom fields to appear on Contacts or Transactions.

In the future, custom fields will also be able to:

  • Rearrange them in the order that users desire after they are initially created
  • Import custom fields via CSV
  • Use custom fields in conditional triggers within automations

Show eligible number of records in an automation

When creating a new automation, you will now see the number of eligible contacts (or transactions, when using a transaction-based automation). This will make it clear how many records will receive communications or other actions set up in the automation when the automation is enabled and the setting to “enroll existing records” is also enabled.

Bug Fixes

We now have a search component that dramatically decreases the load times for searching through large lists of contacts - both adding a related contact and adding an associated contact to a task are done quickly and easily.