SimpleNexus Integration Now Available with Aidium!

Aidium, your go-to mortgage CRM software, now integrates with SimpleNexus to optimize your mortgage loan process. This integration amplifies Aidium's intelligent automation, enabling a robust and cohesive platform that allows you to recover stalled loan applications, leading to higher lead conversion rates.

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Announcing Aidium's
Integration with SimpleNexus

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Bring abandoned loan applications back to life, close more deals...

Your potential borrower hasn't completed their app

A stalled loan application triggers a workflow in Aidium...

Aidium's out-of-the-box Email and SMS automations encourage the completion of their application

Your borrower re-engages the app and submits.

Convert just one abandoned loan per year and there's your ROI

Enhance Engagement and Conversion with Aidium's Unified Dashboard

Aidium's integration with SimpleNexus expands your reach and response time. Transform how you engage, communicate, and convert leads into loans without leaving the Aidium App, further bolstering your Point of Sale (POS) impact and customer satisfaction.

Empower Dynamic Workflows

Empower your mortgage process with Aidium's streamlined workflows. With the SimpleNexus integration, move seamlessly from lead to loan completion, optimizing time and resources, all within Aidium's intuitive interface.

Real Results That Hit Home

This integration is not merely a feature; it's an upgrade to Aidium's all-encompassing mortgage solution. It amplifies Aidium's potential, increasing income per loan officer and improving conversion rates, translating into more deals and higher returns.

More Efficient Contact Organization

We apply a tag to all contacts who abandoned and/or submitted an application through SimpleNexus. This makes it easy to see the ROI (how many contacts have an abandoned loan tag that closed on their home?)

Single platform simplicity

Experience a unified mortgage transaction journey with Aidium and SimpleNexus. Aidium's integration simplifies the process from lead engagement to closing, all on one cohesive platform, transforming your workflow into a more productive and satisfying experience.

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"I really like how the milestones, tasks, and campaigns connect so I don't ever have to worry about losing a lead unless I want to."

Jared Plonski

Sales Manager, Movement Mortgage

"Aidium’s enterprise solution provides everything needed in a CRM: capability, flexibility and visibility.  The ability to set up workflows for all Loan Officers while allowing Top Producers to build custom content allows us to coach, train, and help Loan Officers do more business or make the business they have easier."

Ian Kimball

Executive Director of Strategy, Service First Mortgage

"There hasn’t been another CRM that I’ve seen in the industry that allows you to build your workflow from lead, to close, to nurture after close, like Aidium. The customization and capabilities of the system allows you to create your system the way you want!"

Jimmy White

Branch Manager, LeaderOne

Your Future in Mortgage Lending, Today

Embrace the future of mortgages with Aidium and SimpleNexus. Together, we're crafting a resilient and adaptable system that keeps you one step ahead, with solutions tailored to your business's unique needs.

"Your business, your way." Aidium continues to deliver on this promise, constantly innovating to provide the most comprehensive mortgage solutions for professionals like you.

Explore the powerful Aidium-SimpleNexus integration and see how it can elevate your business to new heights. Check out more details about how the integration works or contact our support team today.

With Aidium, your success is our mission. Let us guide you through the future of mortgages with an experience that's as seamless as it's empowering.

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Our mortgage CRM software is more than a tool—it's the ultimate mortgage CRM system that redefines the way you manage your mortgage operations. With modern cloud hosting that adapts to any device, Aidium offers unrivaled accessibility, functionality, and security as the best mortgage CRM software.

Connect, collaborate, and conquer your mortgage goals with Aidium – anytime, anywhere, on any device. This is the future of CRM for mortgage lenders, mortgage sales tools, and mortgage CRM for loan officers.